Why Japanese Market?


The world's 4th largest
Ecommerce market


High internet


Very low
return rate

Before the Pandemic Outbreak

-You can get everything you want at conviniencestore
-Even female can go out in the middle of the night

→ Enough convenient world without Internet Shopping

After the Pandemic Outbreak

-People are forced to stay at home and became familiar with Internet shopping
-Those user realize how convenient it is, then end up using regulary

→ More convenient world with Internet Shopping

What Service Partner Model has to offer

You can run your business as you imagine!

-Easy to branding

You can have your own store page and boost brand’s recognition

-No limitation for your sales/marketing activity

You can freely do sales/ marketing activity

-Price Adjustment

You can set the retail price as you want

-Partner model

You have professionals to work with you to achieve your goal

Our Strength

20 Years of experience
over 12,000 Stores Built

One Stop Service
support all the required process
for opening your store

An official partner
with top Japanese EC platforms