Susie's interview

– How would you describe the responsibilities of the position ?

I take care of merchants who would like to enter Japan's online market, and look into how they can join Japan's e-commerce platforms. Based on client demand, I also work with the Japanese domestic team. Also, I am currently preparing and planning a new project, `Japan to World’

– What are the prospects for growth and advancement?

Since I started working in this company, my main job has been contacting global merchants. So, it has helped me become less nervous and more confident when speaking with foreigners, and has improved my ability to lead and adapt to change.

– How would you describe this company’s values ?

In general, Japanese people are not so good at contacting/communicating with forigners. But i-order is like a bridge for co-operation between oversea countires and Japan.

– What is the best part of working for this company ?

I have been working at i-order for 9months and am already having business meeting with companies from over 20 countries. I am happy to have the opportunity to work with overseas meachants.

– How will you keep going on work with i-order in the future ?

Although I have to move to Florida in Nov,2017 , I will keep working for i-order from home. According to the current plan, we will have a regular meeting every morning about what I will be going to do for that.

Daily schedule in i-order

9:00 Check emails and confirm
schedule of the day, prepare data for morning meeting
11:00 Have a meeting with the global team
12:00 Sometime having lunch with colleagues at restaurant around our company or eat at my own desk.
Today I decided to have lunch at Thai restaurant with colleagues.
13:00 Reply to emails and discuss details of the projects with teammates
15:00 Have meetings with overseas merchants through with Skype
17:00 Prepare explanatory materials based on current projects and gather relevant information.
19:00 Check tomorrow's To Do schedule and look at today's progress reports.